There are many software products in the marketplace that help prepare pilots for their FAA written exam. However, most pilot applicants for a Private Pilot certificate or Instrument Rating find that preparation for the oral part of the practical test is far more daunting. Additionally, there are few products to assist pilots with preparation for the Flight Review or an Instrument Proficiency Check.

Preparing for an oral exam requires a different approach than preparing for a multiple-choice test. Rather than learning one correct answer out of several choices, the oral exam requires the pilot to possess a broader base of knowledge. The pilot must be able to articulate a thoughtful answer that will demonstrate both knowledge and practical understanding.

In response to this need, First Solo Software has developed both the software and subject content to assist with a thorough and complete preparation for the oral exam component of the check-ride, Flight Review, or IPC. Our software will assist the pilot applicant in feeling relaxed and confident on the day of their practical test, Flight Review, or IPC.

Available for Mac OS X

Download from the Apple Mac App Store for your iMac or MacBook.

Available for iOS

Download from the Apple App Store for your iPad or iPhone.

Questions are presented in flashcard style in a randomized order. Graphical images are provided when needed. After the student formulates an answer, the suggested answer can then be viewed. The student is able to indicate if they answered satisfactorily or if they would like to review the question again.

What’s New

  • ADS-B In and Out

  • Washington DC FRZ & SFRA, aircraft interception procedures, DVFR flight plan

  • 406 MHz ELTs

  • WAAS approaches:  LPV, LNAV/VNAV, LNAV, LP, LNAV+V, LP+V

  • RNAV RNP 0.3 approaches

  • IFR GPS database currency & substitution for VOR/DME/NDB

  • Q-routes, T-routes

  • Flight simulators:  FFS, FTD, AATD, BATD

  • BasicMed

  • Final Approach Runway Occupancy Signal system

  • Runway status lights:  REL, THL, RIL

  • Chart Supplement replacement for AF/D

  • Right traffic patterns

  • ATC separation of VFR versus IFR traffic

  • Revised existing questions to correct errors and obtuse wording

  • Revised graphical images for better clarity and focus

  • Removed outdated questions

  • Updated for iOS 13.5 and macOS Catalina 10.5

Impressing the examiner during your oral exam helps set up confidence for a relaxed and successful flight test!

“It’s like having the interviewer throwing out unexpected questions at you…and you have to know the answer…or mark it incorrect for future drills! Great enhancement to overall knowledge. Not just in preparation for the check-ride Oral Exam!”
“I have no idea how you would make it through the test without something like this. Great for seeing just how prepared you are and where you need to spend time studying.”
“This product helped me gain the confidence to take my private pilot check ride and pass the oral portion with “flying colors.”
“I found it an excellent resource. It’s self-paced and self-scoring, and can be repeated any number of times. Plus it makes you actually verbalize the answers to questions, just like in an actual oral. I would definitely recommend it.”
“Easy to use and helps you zero in on those areas where help is needed.”