Apps: Instrument Rating Oral Prep, IPC Prep

Topic: IFR Charts & Approach Plates


When executing the procedure turn on the illustrated approach chart, what are the limitations on where the procedure turn must be executed?

What is the minimum altitude for this maneuver?


The procedure turn maneuver must be on the southwest side of the final approach course and the aircraft must remain within 15 NM of CEVUS intersection.

The minimum altitude is 2,100 ft MSL until established inbound beyond to the FAF.


Describe all the information that can be obtained from the chart regarding the navaid indicated by the red arrow.


The navaid is a NDB named SAVOY. The navaid frequency is 356 KHz and its identifier is ME. The underlined frequency indicates that the navaid does not have the ability to transmit voice communications on its frequency.

NDB naiads navaids are gradually being phased out in the United States.