An In-App purchase on one iOS device can be used on multiple other iOS devices as long as the user signs in to the App Store with the same Apple ID. The app provides a “Restore Prior Purchase” button that can be used for this purpose. An In-App purchase on one OS X computer can be used on multiple other OS X computers, as well.

It is not possible, however, to apply the In-App purchase for an iOS device to an OS X computer, or vice versa. The App Store and Mac App Store are two distinct entities and an In-App purchase for an iOS device is a completely different product from an In-App purchase for an OS X computer.

The app can be downloaded free and includes 22 or 3 free topics. The topics that are not free have greyed text. When one of these topics is selected to start a drill session, the app will offer the ability to purchase all of the locked topics through an In-App purchase.

On the iOS app, the font size may be changed during a drill session by touching the up or down triangle icons which are located on the upper right of the drill session screen.

On the OS X app, the font size may be changed by using the application menu. Click on Format -> Font -> Bigger or Smaller.

The learned status of the questions are not shared between iOS devices or OS X computers. Each device or computer keeps a record of the learned status of the questions solely on the individual device or computer.

If a question has an associated image on an iOS app, it will be shown as a thumbnail image. Touching this image will open the full-size image in a dedicated full screen view. The image may then be zoomed or panned which may be useful with smaller iOS devices.

The question content and images are identical between the OS X version and the iOS version. There are some subtle differences in the user interface between the two versions. For example, the iOS version shows question images as a thumbnail which, when touched, will open in a dedicated full screen and can be zoomed or panned.

You can contact First Solo Software via the contact form on this website.

When a topic is selected for a drill session, the app will randomize the sequence of all the questions not yet scored as learned.

If you would like to re-randomize the sequence of the questions, exit the current drill session then select the same topic to restart another drill session.

Sometimes images are used to help clarify a question or an essential component of the question. Graphical images are only included for questions when necessary in order to minimize the app download size.

The program content is created to realistically simulate actual questions that might be asked during a FAA oral exam, flight review, or IPC. When questions are asked in an oral examination format, it is common for the question to require an answer that is more involved than a simple phrase. Frequently, the answer might require an illustration or a semi-detailed explanation. Therefore, the program requires that you score your own answer as correct or incorrect.